Listen to your data

Signify helps SMEs get insights from data, increase innovation velocity and reduce IT costs.


Solutions our customers rely on

Log analytics for In-Vehicle Infotainment systems

Our custom built framework analyses log data from complex IVI systems built by  leading German OEMs. This helps catch unforeseen problems, automate ticket triage and diagnose issues faster. 

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Cloud Service and Apps for fleet monitoring

Our cloud services and apps are helping a mobility services provider monitor a fleet of public and private vehicles in various countries.


Data warehouse for manufacturing data

Our custom built framework helps a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company aggregate and get insights from their manufacturing data.

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Cloud service and Apps for air quality monitoring

Our services are used for air quality studies in Germany, Austria, Thailand, Japan, Belgium and India. We specialise in vehicle cabin and indoor monitoring and work closely with private and public institutions.


Services we offer

Cloud development

Data Cloud

Native cloud development

Data pipelines, services and apis tailor made to meet business targets.


Lift and Shift

Migrate existing workloads, servers and applications to the cloud.

Futuristic Cyborg


From Edge, IOT services to On-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.


App development and rapid prototyping



We use the design thinking process to help you go from idea to a working prototype, quickly and at low cost.

Prototype Designer

Native Apps
IOS / Android

Turnkey design and development of native apps including usage monitoring.

App Screens

Custom Web Apps

Design and development of Apps that work on

all devices and integrate with your existing services.