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How we got started

Back in 2012, we noticed that our friends working in the Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries were missing out on the remarkable leaps in big data technology. The software giants promised business intelligence tools with sunshine and dancing rabbits. But their focus was not on everyday problems faced by engineers and scientists.

We wanted to tackle everyday problems with new technology. In 2013, we started developing our software based on our own concept.

Most large companies back then were in the phase of evaluating the new world of “big data”. There were many different perspectives and expectations. The main problem we faced was that people did not realize the value of their data.

Selling a product in such an environment was tough. A lot of interest but no sales. Nevertheless, we continued to fund development using our own capital with no external funding. That meant tightening our belts and staying true to our vision.

Finally in October 2016, our software, Chunks, is going into production with a leading pharmaceutical giant. Chunks will analyze manufacturing IOT data on site.

Compared to other startups, we spent a lot more time on the taxiway. Nevertheless, we built the plane with our own capital and got to the runway.

You don’t need a business school degree, experience and external funds to get started. What it takes is perseverance.

So, that's our story. What's yours?


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