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3 steps to better data insights

Understanding log, machine or sensor data is not trivial. Each team has different perspectives on data.

Engineers that can make sense of it are often far away from the product that generates the data. System managers are interested in knowing what happened. Operators and testers need to store data securely and catch failures.

Our toolchain helps different teams get better data insight in 3 steps:

  1. Operators and test teams can Collect and Inspect data with Warehouse and Sarge in a secure and scalable way.

  2. System managers can understand what happened with Dashboards. Vectors, Significants and Rangoli lets them create charts easily.

  3. Engineers can understand why it happened with Parade. They can slice and dice data. Even invite other engineers to investigate a problem together.

Our toolchain helps teams reduce effort and collaborate better. We helped a client reduce time from 2 hours down to a few seconds for a recurring process.



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